National Velvet

The week of July 25, 2010:

National Velvet  is given title as movie of the week since it is the story of passion, perseverance, and greatness. The film features Mickey Rooney and a very young Elizabeth Taylor. The two stars make the perfect family film and play adorable personalities. The film is also unique because it features Rooney and Taylor at the early stages of their very long careers in the entertainment business.

Stars: Mickey Rooney & Elizabeth Taylor
Directed by: Clarence Brown
Released in: 1944

A young wanderer and opportunist named Mi Taylor, travels throughout England carrying around his father’s journal. One particular notation in his father’s journal leads him to the quiet English countryside where the Brown family reside. The youngest daughter of the Brown family is 12-year-old Velvet. Velvet has a love for horses and when she learns that she won a horse named The Pie in the town lottery, she becomes ecstatic. Soon, Velvet’s dreams for The Pie lead her to encourage Taylor to train the horse for England’s greatest racing event, The Grand National. But when Velvet discovers the jockey hired to ride The Pie in the race doesn’t believe he can win, she disguises herself as the male jockey. Can Velvet ride The Pie to victory?

Fact: After production was completed, arrangements were made to allow Elizabeth Taylor to keep the horse.

Awards: National Velvet won two Oscars. Best actress in a Supporting Role went to Anne Revere and Best Film Editing was rewarded to Robert Kern. National Velvet was also nominated for: Best Art Direction – Color, Best Cinematography – Color, and Best Director.

To view the trailer of National Velvet visit:

As well, National Velvet will air on the Turner Classic Movie channel on Tuesday, July 27 at 11:30AM. Be sure to double-check your local listings and times at

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