Rebel Without a Cause

The week of August 29, 2010:

One movie that has been deemed culturally significant by the American public is now also deemed the movie of the week. Rebel Without a Cause was one of the first movies to uncover the moral decay of American youth. A very talented and young cast, that included James Dean and Natalie Wood, told this particular story of a new generation. Rebel Without a Cause still remains an important film to both Dean and Wood’s careers.

Stars: James Dean, Natalie Wood, & Sal Mineo
Directed by: Nicholas Ray
Released in: 1955

After Jim Stark and his family move to the suburbs of Los Angeles, he finds a new friendship with a boy named Plato and a girl named Judy. But matters in Stark’s life become more complicated when he gets mixed up with some tough guys. This gang of tough guys talk him into participating in their “Chickie Run”, which involves driving cars towards the edge of a cliff. During this particular “Chickie Run” one of the boys, who is Judy’s boyfriend, accidentally dies. This leaves Stark and his two new friends to hide in an old abandoned mansion to escape the police and the friends of Judy’s boyfriend.

Fact: The three lead actors of Rebel Without a Cause all died young under tragic circumstances. James Dean died in a car accident at the age of 24. Sal Mineo was stabbed to death by a stranger at the age of 37. And Natalie Wood drowned at the age of 43.

Awards: Rebel Without a Cause was nominated for three Academy Awards. Sal Mineo was nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award. Natalie Wood received a nomination for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award. And Nicholas Ray was nominated for the Best Writing – Motion Picture Story award.

To view the trailer of Rebel Without a Cause visit:

As well, Rebel Without a Cause will air on the Turner Classic Movie channel on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 12PM. Be sure to double-check your local listings and times at

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