Hello World! I’ve finally begun the exciting journey of blogging! And so it begins…

I’ve always wanted to encourage young individuals to discover the classic films that made Hollywood. Thus, my goal is simple, by blogging about Hollywood’s Golden Age, hopefully others too can uncover the origins and value of filmmaking. And so, I hope my readers can begin to enjoy the great performances of screen icons, the work of outstanding writers and directors, and much more.

A key part of my blogging will occur each Sunday, when I announce a movie of the week. The movie will be considered a classic film and a must watch! I will gladly provide a summary of the film’s storyline, fun facts about its production, important details about the cast, major awards and nominations it received, its trailer, and much more!

I strongly encourage you to partake in this experience! It’s simple…watch the movie I title as movie of the week and be prepared for a whole lotta entertainment! And of course, feel absolutely free to share your thoughts too!

And so the movie experience begins! Lights, camera, action…


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